Have you ever felt like you have been given a second chance at life? Or are you receiving a second chance at fulfilling your dreams and making them a reality?

On July 18, 2014 my world had been rocked upside down and I had been given me a brand new prespective on life. You may be wondering what is so earth shattering that my life changed over night? Well, we had a fire in our house and we lost everything.  All I had were the clothes on my back and my red satin heels.

When I found out the fire had started in my rooom, all I could think of was oh man I burnt the house down, its all my fault, and ‘Im never going to hear the end of it.  Also, I was thinking oh my god all of my stuff, what am I going to do. That was the human side of the coin but after seeing the reality of the fire and seeing that my brother and grandma were okay none of my concerns were valid. Rather, I was able to see the silver linening  and the serendipitous moment of, “Ask for something and you shall receive it!” This phrase since then has become a standing  joke in my life as I now always say be careful what you ask for.

You may be wondering what I am refering to? Back in June, I attended a business seminar where we were asked to create a vision board. On there I mentioned that I wanted to be living in a new place for August 1, 2014. “Ask and you shall receive,” and sure enough today my family and I are living in hotel as our place is not liveable. The icing on the cake is that, I wanted to be living in my own new place in downtown while my family lived in our family home. I guess the joke is on me. For this very reason, my new mantra is: “Be careful for what you ask for and be very specific as to what you want in life.” As theuniverse only ships/receives what is asked for.

For those of you that know me well, know that I’m very creative and artistic. I had painted my room in a manner that was outside the box and very loud. Most people who have seen the wall of fame all asked what happened to the wall and are you going to paint the wall in the same manner? I’ll let you be the judge of the wall and the new wall will be even more creative.

This experience has been very humbling and full of gratification. Would I trade this experience and time for anything to have it back to the way it was? No, I would not exchange a thing as for this is the right place to be in life and I would never have been given the opportunity to count my blessings or move forward in life.

10 blessings and reasons to be grateful in life:

  • That my brother and grandma are okay and they were able to make it out safely from the house

  • That our entire house is still standing with not much damage other than to my room and bathroom

  • That I have been given a second chance at life. I have asked the question what if  i was sleeping in my room that day or i had been taking a shower…….what if

  • Our immediate family become even closer and we were given the opportunity to really appreciate one another

  • For our external family for really being there for us in a time of need and uncertanity

  • Our neighbours for opening their home to us and looking after my grandmother at the wee hours of the night

  • Realising that we take things for granted especially with our busy lives and all we really need is to be grateful of what we have

  • It is up to us to make our lives what we want it to be and I choose to make it amazing and fulfill my dreams

  • Things happen for a reason and here there could have been something far greater that was brewing and was released in something smaller

  • You get to find out who is truely your friend/ family at a time like this as we had a bunch of people offer their support

What are you grateful for?

How has your life changed over night?


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