fatima-sumar-designs-grandmotherI have always had a passion for designing jewelry. And, I’ve understoood the depth of that passion. As a young girl my parents had taken me to an Ismaili celebration. Somehow I got separated from them, finding myself lost and very alone, I remembered what my parents told me “When ever you are lost, go to the most public place and wait for us there.” In this case, I found my way to the stage frantically and clinging with faith that I would surely be reunited with my parents. The closer to the stage I got, the more my faith grew stronger that my parents would be there waiting for me. Sure enough, once I approached the stage, they quickly embraced me with a sense of relief and gratitude.

As the eldest of a the family of four it was a constant battle to be heard, speaking my truth was especially difficult if it did not conform to my family’s core values. I would sometimes be teased for saying what I really was thinking, as I may offend people because i did not want to sugar coat reality. I had always been afraid to speak up for what really mattered to me, despite knowing that it was the truth which I felt deeply about.

I have always had an artistic approach to life, while my family has always been very scientific. For me, feelings and accountable responsibilities are important while not to lose my sense of who I really am.

fatima-sumar-blingology2Over time, I have come to realize that the truth will set you free, and it is not your place to worry of what people think of you. Embrace your journey through life, and when speaking your truth, life will become empowering. If you are unable to speak from the heart, you are then robbing the world and yourself the opportunity to be authentic.

Creatively focused, as a young girl, you would find me making some sort of trendy bracelet, this was my bliss. My grandma has been an instrumental part of my business
as she has taught me the skills I utilise today. I began designing Tasbihs with my grandmother. It was a way for us to share time with one another, while also inheriting her knowledge. Years later, with her input my first jewelry line was created (Fire Love), and today she is the inspiration behind my Unity line.

As time passed, forgetting the joy of creating and designing, serendipitiously I sustained a hip injury and could not walk for one year.  Designing Tasbihs became a theraputic outlet for me to cope with the injury and became the beginning of my internal healing process. Soon enough, I reconnected with my passion of creating unique pieces and the rest is history.

What drives me, is the gratitude I receive when I have being able to see the enjoyment and pleasure it brings to people. This makes me feel alive and continuously inspired to provide a soulful experience that awakens the inner spirit while utilizing the latest styles.​

There is the perfect piece for many individuals’ needs and desire at any given time. Each item is locally, ethically made, and I try to use natural elements in all of my pieces. All of my pieces are hand crafted made with crystals and semi-precious stones.

There are two sides to the business -one, is the element of statement jewelry pieces and the other is the use of spirituality (Tasbih) which can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace with a fashionable. I am a creative, personal designer who creates unique pieces. My work emphasis to speak the truth, seeking knowledge, and the power of faith. It is my desire and passion to bring happiness and blessings to every customer with every piece.

About our Tasbihs

fatima-sumar-tasbih-jewelry-assorted-braceletsA Tasbih is a prayer bead that Ismaili Muslims use in congregation and is a representation of Allah’s 99 beautiful names like: The Creator, The Omni Present, The Most Merciful, The All Knowing, The Forgiver, The Beneficent, The Protector, The Master, The Gate of Knowledge, The One who speaks the truth and so on.

As I string each Tasbih, I say a prayer that the recipient of each Tasbih benefits. As well, they have healing powers from the stones and crystals that are used. I have a few running collections – Harmony, Inspiration, Amethyst, Pear lmania, Love, Infinity and Unity. Some of the stones that have been used are amethyst, pearl, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, moonstone, rose quartz, sapphire, and onwards.

These Tasbihs are not only meant for prayer and the spiritual connection but also can be worn as fashionable pieces either as a necklace or a bracelet. They make for the perfect gift for any occasion and everyone can wear them.

Tasbihs are reminder of how we need to maintain balance in our lives whether it be through Din and Duniya (as we Ismailis refer to as our worldly lives and our spiritual), or through Ying and Yang, Night and Day and so on. For myself, a Tasbih is a reminder of how we need to maintain a balance in our four worlds Mind=Fire, Body=Water, Soul=Air, and World=Earth.

fatima-sumar-blingologyMind and Fire are connected to our intellect, our ability to process right and wrong, the power of belief and being able to understand how the stones work their magic.

Body and Water are connected to our physical connection and contact to the Tasbih, to our health and to our connection to nature physically.

Soul and Air are connected to our prayer, our spiritual journey, our positive upliftment, our true calling in life and the pursuit of our dreams, goals and aspirations.

World and Earth are connected to the fashion, our relationships -family, friends, loved ones, our careers, our experiences, and our material status.