What a wonderful weekend of learning, laughter, connecting and heat. Ricky Shetty of Daddy Blogger once again out did himself with the Blog Mastery Conference which happened the weekend of April 25-26,2015.


The Blog Mastery was the first of its kind to be held in Vancouver and the sequal to Ricky’s Social Media Mastery Confrenece; and was held at the BCIT campus downtown. The location was very central, accessible via all means of transportation, cheap parking ($7.50 for 12 hours), awesome city view, and surrounded by many options for food. I have always loved the BCIT downtown campus even as a student.


Ricky had a lineup of amazing speakers,there was an interactive app which allowed you to connect with other attendees, and he even arranged for our food to be preorder from a Vietamese restaurant. Everything was done nicely, excpet for having the heating/AC unit crash on Saturday afternoon which made the room a sauna, but Ricky’s team arranged to have ice cold water bottles for everyone there to ensure that everyone was well hydrated and kept cool.



Each speaker brought a wealth of knowledge to the conference and some were better than others and I resonated with some over the others. With 2 jam packed days of speakers, some could have been eliminated as they repeated their content.


What is blogging? Blogging is writing about your passions, expressing your story, and sharing your viewpoints with others.

Do you know what your passion is? Or how to find your true passion? Ricky explains that your passion is your inner purpose and what your soul craves. Once you have discovered your inner calling then blogging comes naturally.

Vulunerability = Power 


Spaekers Corner:


Isabelle Mercer~Branding From The Inside Out

I throughly enjoyed listening to Isabelle speak as she is vibrant and full of energy. She is her brand and knows that branding is the key ingredient to the success of your business or blog. “Branding is the conversation people have about you when you’re not in the room, or the promise you make and is a measure of accoumtablity” Isabelle spoke of the fundamentals of branding, how to pre-qualify your clients and how people buy what they want and not what they need.


Rebecca Beaton~Attracting the perfect Customer

I found Rebecca to be very knowledagble and informative but very soft spoken especially after Isabelle. At times she did repeat what Isabelle had spoken about. Rebecca used the light house theory: be strong to who you are and your tribe will make you shine; meaning, don’t try to be everything to everybody as you will not go any where but rather find your niche market and see yourself at the top. Rebecca spoke about the 4 key pieces to creating an amazing message or content

1. your why

2. your perspective

3. your who

4. your how.

As well, Rebecca spoke about how to communicate your message with a one pager listing your who’s and why’s.





















Nicole Christen~Digital Marketing Strategy 

Nicole was a speaker that could have been replaced as she repeated everything that   Isabelle and Rebecca had previously spoken about. The 2 take aways for me where be intentioanl with your posts and the frame work for Success.







S-share worty


There was a panel on web designing which for me was extremely useful and beneficial as I had the previlige of having my wedsite analyzed. What I learnt was that I need run my website through a colour blind test to ensure that all colours are easily identifiable to everyone viewing the site. The panel also gave me some valuable tips to really monetize my site which i’m really excited to implement.



Among all the speakers the common thread was to have multiple media delivery methods ie: video, audio, prodacts, blogs and most importantly have a book. For me, the video and audio scares me, but something I have decided to take on.


 Jaeny Baik~Video Marketing

Jaeny was not only entertaing but very informative. This presentation was very different from the rest of the speakers as it was more hands on. We created 3 different 45 sec videos with different criterias. Creating a video is easier than you think. I’m really excited to start creating videos.


This was just the tip of the iceburg reviewing a few of the speakers, there were many more speakers. Coming this June 26-28,2015 there is the Interent Mastery Confrence, an event you do not want to miss. Each of the 2 previous events Social Media Mastery and Blog Mastery were a huge hit and very informative.


What is one area you would like to develop further with your online presence?


Do you have an online presence?



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