Have you ever wondered why there are somethings you are drawn to for no apperant reason? Or that you try a new activity which you never found interesting but after you are glowing from the inside?


How many of you heard these sayings: “He/she is a natural at (designing)___________!” , “He/She was to born to do that!” “You are very talented at planning.”?


A few weeks a back, I attended a seminar on Discovering Your Sacred Gifts and throughly enjoyed it and what I revealed about myself. I had so many questions that kept coming up but I could never explain or understand why I was drawn to certain things while other members of my family were totally on a different tangent.


Sacred Gifts are your natural talents given by God or the Divine (which ever higher power you connect with) which are rooted in love and can benefit others to do good. Your gifts are with you all through out your life and sometimes are supressed or doormant but you never loose them. You can be very successful in a specific area of work and not be gifted.


How do you know the difference between your natural gift and an aquired skill that you are good at? 


When you feel on purpose and your inner core is smiling as posed to feeling a pit in your stomach and resisting what you are doing. There is a formula you can follow which will help you determine the difference. YG (your gifts -the right gift) + M (something that is meaningful to you) + B (something that benefits others) + V (the vehichle in how you express your gifts -<salaried job, volunteering, consulting, business, consulting, practice, network marketing, contracts, investments and other avenues>). Another way you know that you are using your natural talent as opposed to a learnt skill is that, in your own life you will not be able to benefit from your gift, but rather have ask for help in that area. Perfect example, an individual with the gift of organization will have an external area organized to a T but their personal space will be chaotic. 


For those of you that know me, know that I am on purpose when I am using the gift of craftsmenship (artistic, designing, creating, dancing, decorating, gardening, marketing, photography, graphics, and many other elements), service, planning, teaching, the gift of knowledge,  organizing, wise counsel, healing, writing, encouragement, and the gift of facilitation.


After discovering my gifts, many of my questions were answered and it was relief knowing that I was not wrong for what I enjoyed in life. The feeling and experince of recognizing who I really am is very exhilirating and exciting as now I can be on purpose at all times and continue to broden my reach and impact on others.


Sunday evening after the workshop, I came home feeling so light and ready to embrace my journey through life with a new perspective and understanding of life. Like any other indivdual the first thing I did was log in into Facebook and get a dose of reality. Well, to my suprise the first thing I saw was a picture of a young boy whom I’ve known since he was born holding a camera and enjoying every minute of taking the picture. I had tears running down my face to see Yasin embrassing his sacred gift of craftsmenship.

Yasin is radiating through every inch of fiber of his body so much so that his soul is singing and dancing. How many of you would like that for yourselves and your loved ones? All you need to do is really ask yourself what makes you smile from within?




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