As some you of may know that last week was very trying for my family as we lost a beloved and prominenet member of our family.


Though my grandmother had lived a beautiful and rich life it still does not make it easy on the loved ones left behind. We as humans are selfish but our spiritual intellect knows that she is home and in a better place, but one thing that is certain life is too short. 


If you have not being enjoying your life or have not been spending quality time with your loved ones make a commitment to yourself and others that today is the day you start.


What is it that you really want in life?


If you had all the money, emotional well being, and time on your side what would you do?


Your desires and wants can be spiritual, materialistic and or really anything your heart desires. For myself I have a few items to check off my bucket list, what I have done is broken my list into spiritual upliftments, material wants, adventerous excursions, and areas of interest.


Spiritual Upliftments: 

  • Metting and uniting with my soul mate

  • Discovering my sacred/natural gifts and being able to have the world benefit from them 

  • To fully live my Life’s Purpose

  • Make a difference in peoples’ lives in powerful way

  • To maintain a healthy, joyous, balanced, meaningful, prosperous, authentic and a happy lifestyle

  • Enjoy and be reminded of the trust that I have always had in God/higher being that everything will work out if not better than what I have envisioned or asked for



Material Wants:

  •  To buy my own place 

  • Own many different properties for residual income

  • Be the owner of a swanky hotel

  • Buy a new car

  • Travel the world and one place in particular is Egypt

  • Try every restaurant in Vancouver and 

  • Go shopping


Adventerous Excurssions:

  • Whitewater rafting

  • Skydiving

  • Scubbadiving

  • Parasailing

  • Surfing

  • Skiing

  • Parashuting


Areas of Interest:

  • Spend quality time with friends and family

  • Continously educating myself

  • Reintroduce dancing into my life 

  • Reading  more

  • Spending time outdoors

  • Socializing

  • Designing


Life is beautiful and we have been given the opportunity to make it ours and to enjoy its many attributes.


Who is someone you would like to honour by living your life to the fullest?




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